Wednesday, August 31, 2011



 Top headline this morning was that my former first choice talk show host was guilty of HOA fraud.  He was a rare and outspoken political strategist and got our last most excellent governor, Kenny Guinn elected.  Steve Wark is the one who SHOULD have been running the McCain/Palin ticket.  I am more saddened by his complicity in a convoluted scheme to control an HOA, than I am by the media flaying of John Ensign, former senator from Nevada. 

Senator Ensign had an affair while he was SEPARATED from his wife.  After Senator Ensign and his wife reconciled with the full knowledge of the affair, his parents made an ‘I’m sorry’ gift of a high 5 digit monetary gift… and a job. 

Then John Ensign had a guilty conscience and went public with the situation, which ultimately forced his resignation thus ending a good voting record that benefited the people of the nation as well as the people of Nevada.  He also had a record of 98% approval from the SPCA, which was how I’d heard of him even before moving to Nevada.  He’s a case of someone being hyper-vigilant and having that interfere in the larger scheme of things.  He also did quiet things like providing free screenings of AMAZING GRACE: The Movie because he felt that community leaders should see it and promote it and it was not even made by a Nevada corporation but of such quality and historical importance that it should be encouraged to see it.

And then sometimes good people make statements that the media will take SENTENCE FRAGMENTS and try to make a whole cloth argument against that statement and candidate… and then people who are not able to decipher the dissemblance believe that the lie is the truth. This brings me back to Steve Wark.  He was good at crafting good statements and combating the idiocy of the Left.  And then he goes and messes up all that good.

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