Wednesday, August 31, 2011

For THIS I put my body on the line???????

As a real civil rights activist/protester back in the late 50s/early 60s... long before it was fashionable... and having a father who helped establish the NAACP in Indianapolis, where I was born... this DEMOCRAT 'representative' says that (I am SO glad my father is not alive to see this!) those who want FREEDOM, better use of tax funds... and when this resonates with a large population who want to take their country back from the 'plantation mentality' of the Democrats an Liberals... then they scream the race card.  HOW DARE HE!!!  What a sniveling JERK.  I used to have a sign in my classroom 'BEING A JERK IS AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY JOB"

Rep. Andre Carson, a Democrat from Indiana who serves as the CBC’s chief vote counter, said at a CBC event in Miami that some in Congress would “love to see us as second-class citizens” and “some of them in Congress right now of this tea party movement would love to see you and me … hanging on a tree.”
Carson also said the tea party is stopping change in Congress, likening it to “the effort that we’re seeing of Jim Crow.”

The explosive comments, caught on tape, were uploaded on the Internet Tuesday, and Carson’s office stood by the remarks. Jason Tomcsi, Carson’s spokesman, said the comment was “in response to frustration voiced by many in Miami and in his home district in Indianapolis regarding Congress’s inability to bolster the economy.” Tomcsi, in an email, wrote that “the congressman used strong language because the Tea Party agenda jeopardizes our most vulnerable and leaves them without the ability to improve their economic standing.

Video: Dems accuse Tea Party of wanting minorities “hanging on a tree,” “at war” with a black President « Hot Air

If you were expecting the current gaggle of Dems to be "gracious" ... take a look at the Russian Reds leading the Revolution of 1917... THAT is their political/emotional DNA... and it's from when you have a long generation of teachers subtly influenced by Bill Ayres and his ilk. If anyone doubts this infuence, 'google' and read the writings of Bill Ayres as well as Saul Alinsky. We've been 'blind' too long.  EVERYONE WHO READS THIS BLOG NEEDS TO/MUST READ THIS MATERIAL... IT'S BEEN LABELED AS SUBVERSIVE ONLY BE THOSE WHO DON'T WANT YOUR EYES OPENED.

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