Monday, August 22, 2011


Don't go looking for 'bugs' being installed.  They ARE coming.
at first glance and from utility company propaganda, it seems like an idea for people to help control their utility bills.  Or a way to 'protect the environment' ... and anyone who knows me, knows that I am a rational environmentalist.

HOWEVER, it is now turning out that they can, by remote control, cut off use of appliances 'they' don't think you should use.  When do you want your refrigerator/freezer turned off?  When on a hot day do you want your A/C cut off?  When you can watch that new flat screen TV or use your computer?

Could this be used punitively if you voice an opinion contrary to the government?  And if they force you into electric cars, will the utility company/government decide you drive too much?  The utilities have the ability to get and store a lot of information about you and your habits.  What about seniors who are home all day?  What about children after school? (drive them into community centers where they can be controlled easier?)  Burglars can hack into the information and find out when you are regularly away and break into your home with less fear of discovery.

Better start thinking about unintended consequences NOW or it will be too late?

What surprised me is that my 'liberal' former home area is now fighting against this invasion.  PG&E is arrogantly insisting that they CAN do this.  They even hide installers in the bushes waiting for people to leave the home so they can install them without the homeowner there to fight it.  Despite the right you have to refuse the meter, the utilities, companies like PG&E and NV Energy.

There IS a health danger associated with these meters.... and the empirical science supports this.  The utilities are installing antennas without city's permission.  The costs of running the transmitting your information will also be charged to you as well as mix-up in information so that you can get stuck with paying your neighbors' bills.

the reports are here.

Please read the enclosed URL.... before it's too late.. if it doesn't like, copy and paste it into your browser.... this is too important to skip.

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