Sunday, August 28, 2011



Now what?

What is really scary is the weapons of mass destruction that exist there.  They SAID they stopped producing them in 2003.  UN scientists did take out a few pounds of military grade.

900 Metric tons "Yellow Cake" uranium stored that could be sold to... Iran?  Al Quida?

11,000 metric tons of mustard gas.

30,000 anti-aircraft rockets

We don't KNOW where these are stored.

What if they fall into radical Islamist hands?

What if Khadaffi has a button and can set them off into the world?

What about that guy Libya got out of Scotland, now Scotland would like him but they are refusing?  It would have been nice if the rebels would return him to Scotland as a sign of cooperation.  Hmmm maybe a covert operative could take him out.... after all he is responsible for 900 deaths over Lockerbie Scotland.

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