Friday, January 13, 2012

RE: 'unhappiness' in British children. Do ya' think that just MAYBE living in a socialist country, one that is being taken over by Islamists at that MIGHT have any thing to do with it.? When needs are 'met' and there is no striving for them and hence no opportunity for success, a feeling of ennui becomes pervasive? And a reason why the Scandinavian countries have the highest rates of teen alcoholism. If the State becomes the family, this is what results as the Sate is a faceless, uncaring mechanical tit from which physical 'needs' are met but the psychological/spiritual needs wither and die.

We know the early psychological  experiments of Harry Harlow which proved that monkeys chose the cuddly surrogate over the food one.  And families are increasingly less willing to touch and hug and form real attachments.  

So we wonder why the toddlers who have gone thru multiples of adult caregivers in their young formative lives lack social attachment and thus connectedness and responsibility to the social structure as a whole as they age.  One would be hesitant to say the mature or grown up as these old children never develop healthy psyches that a society needs for positive development.

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