Sunday, November 13, 2011


Janitors in 97 and 98 SAW Jerry Sandusky showering with the boys.  The first janitor now " suffers from dementia" (convenient?)

1992 on the Friday before Spring Break, McQuery was going to drop off the shoes and pick up tapes, he sees Sandusky sodomizing a 10 year old boy.  Both saw him see them.  McQuery walked out of the locker room.  He did tell his own father and the next morning the two McQuerys went to Joe Paterno and clearly told him what he saw but Paterno said that he didn't want to hear 'the dirty details' but that he wanted to talk to the athletic dept. chair and then he said that Sandusky only 'fondled' the boy.  Yet, McQuery states that he was clear what he saw and what he told Paterno.  My question is why didn't the then 28 year old McQuery try to smack down Sandusky physically and stop him instead of abandoning the child alone with his molester in the shower?  What must that child have felt?  Did he internalize that even a higher person did not protect him, then what hope did that child have about the good in humanity?

IT WAS PATERNO WHO MINIMIZED IT AND DELAYED REPORTING WHICH IS A CLEAR VIOLATION OF LAW.  How many MORE kids were abused since that date because Paterno, Curley and the president of Penn State did NOT do their legal duties to report and follow it up?

Tim Curley, the head of athletics is being charged with lying to a grand jury.

Pen State allowed Sandusky to keep an office on campus for his 'charities' which included access to the very showers where he had anal sex with children.

As late as yesterday, the Penn State bookstore carried Sandusky's autobiography "TOUCHED".  Weird?  When he retired Sandusky took a lump payment of $140,000 and he also gets about $60,000 a year.  The president who covered this up will get $27,000 a month of the taxpayers' money.

Three years ago, Sandusky was a volunteer coach in a Harrisburg high school.   mom became alerted when a kid wanted to know why her son asked her how to find a database for 'sexual wierdos'.  She then found out that Sandusky had been taking her son out of his classes without her permission.  When the principal called the student into his office and queried him, the whole sordid thing came out.  And right before this, Sandusky had asked the mother for permission to 'punish' him.  Ever had a person ask for permission to punish your child?

The victims who are now adults will look at the Penn State, county and state officials who DID NOTHING to protect them.  Now they are getting the scope and names of the ones who allowed the abuse to continue.  How many more will now find the courage to speak out?

Will Penn State survive?  Who will want to go there?  Will students transfer out?  It's not an inexpensive school to attend.  Will they be able to afford to pay high salaries to attract good faculty?  Will good faculty 'retire' early?

The student demonstrations that took place when Paterno was fired was another example of the poor quality of education since we've had a federal department of so-called education.  What they have taught is 'feelings' not facts and how to use facts to arrive at a truth in a logical way of thinking.  They only want people to 'react' which is a way to manipulate people to support illogical agendas.

As horrible as these charges are, the story gets worse as it continues to unfold into a larger picture of apparent cover-ups, abuse of power and neglect of basic human responsibility.
This scandal has permeated the various halls and offices of that Pennsylvania institution, and now the reputations and integrity of many of those in power during these alleged molestations are being called into question.

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