Friday, September 2, 2011

All that 'Chaz'

Regarding “Chaz”

All the flap about “Chaz” being on the ‘reality’ contest show, “Dancing With The Stars”, should just be ignored.  By getting all exercised about it, you are feeding into the hype the producers want you to do.  Frankly, they are getting to the bottom of the talent barrel talent wise and they just have to go for the piss of the mainstream audience and generate viewers.  They have gone a long way from the days of true elegant ballroom competitive dancing and John O’Hurley’s win down to this season’s lineup of ‘contestants’.  If you doubt the downward quality spiral this show has taken, go to YouTube and watch John’s performances and compare with the current bunch.

Chaz is the transgenedered child of Sonny and Cher who was born a girl but decided to change to being a boy.  Essentially he has not demonstrated any talent nor a propensity to make any contribution to the welfare of society. One wonders where the money has come from to pay for all this surgery, psychology and medications to ‘correct nature’s mistake’.   One thing you can congratulate him on:  he waited until after his father died to do it.  Sonny, in his life after Cher, became a conservative politician and I think this move by his former daughter, Chastity would have been difficult for him to accept.

Not that Chaz even looks like a dancer, but he’s game to try.  I would suspect that he will be voted off quickly and when that happens, I would predict that the big brouhaha will begin.  Those with the agenda to rub the nose of anyone who does not condone this sort of behaviour in the flagrant presentations of this behaviour will loudly complain that it is only due to his sexuality.  Chaz has even stated  that  "DANCING WITH THE STARS IS A GREAT WAY TO FURTHER MY MESSAGE”.... which is????    They will overlook that there is NO evidence of any talent.  However, since he is overweight, maybe the hard work and physical demands might help his health and weight reduction.   That is IF you want to watch.

The solution:  DON’T WATCH “Dancing With The Stars:  Why is that so hard to do?  If you choose that course of action, let the sponsors know it and that you will not use their products.  If you really feel that strongly about it, take a stand.  Don’t just sit back and do nothing but complain and snivel.  

If you feel you absolutelyk MUST watch this show, use all of your votes for J.R. MARTINEZ, THE IRAQ WAR HERO.... now that would demonstrate REAL courage.

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