Monday, July 4, 2011

What Will We Leave Our Children?

What will we leave for our children...
Will they have a land that is free?
Will they feel the love for our country?
That was inbred in you and me?
Will they sigh when they see the flag flying?
And wipe a tear from their eye?
Or forget the words of the anthem?
Or even the pledge by and by.

What will we leave for our children?
What will you do or try?
When I think of this problem I'm weary
And have a tear in my eye.
Good Lord look with grace on our country
And be with our children too..
For we are so often helpless
And for strength we need look to You.

Good Lord keep Your blessings upon us
And remind all of us what You give.
For without You our country's in trouble
And we don't know the right way to live.

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