Saturday, June 18, 2011

The fewer citizens means higher percentage of attorneys

Country Lawyers Population People/Lawyer

US: Lawyers: 1,143,358 Pop: 303MM P/L:265 

Brazil: Lawyers: 571,360 Pop: 186MM P/L: 326 

New Zealand: Lawyers: 10,523 Pop: 4MM P/L 391

Spain Lawyers:114,143 Pop: 45MM P/L:395 

Italy Lawyers:121,380 Pop: 59MM P/L:488 

UK Lawyers:151,043 Pop: 61MM P/L401 

Germany Lawyers:138,679 Pop: 82MM P/L: 593 

France Lawyers:45,686 Pop: 64MM P/L: 1,403

Among the Top 7 "lawyerly countries" listed above, the US has about 50% of the lawyers, with 37 percent of the population of this group.

However this was found about the Far East of Korea, Japan
Japan 8,195 Japanese per lawyer. Lest you think the Japanese are exceptionally poorly served, you may wish to reflect that there are 15,748 Koreans per lawyer, with a mere 2,813 lawyers for Korea's population.

Maybe we could ship some of them to Japan and Korea?  Or maybe we could adapt their cultural reluctance to sue or take more personal responsibility for our actions.

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