Wednesday, October 20, 2010


What would happen if the agenda that current administration and its followers were to continue?  The total takeover of not only deciding what kind health care you have, what kind of car you drive, how much you would be allowed to drive, what kind of food you may eat, what you must weigh, what your neck size must be, what your BMI is, how much or what kind of energy you may use would go on and on and become so totally entrenched that it would become difficult for us throw off the shackles of the slavery we would be selling ourselves and our descendents into.  It’s not a stretch to see that ‘in the process of promoting diversity and equity’, you would not be allowed to live where you’d want to by a house or even sell your house and at what price.  “We have too many people of colour living there so you can’t live there but what about C town over here?  We have too many Christians living there so you can’t live there, but what about X Township a few miles further down the road?  Oh, you make too much money to live there and the house that is available there is reserved for someone making less than you do (assuming you’re allowed to make more than anyone else) so you must live in a town over to the east of there”, etc, etc, etc.

Friends, we have but two weeks to decide.  There is no such thing as the ‘perfect candidate’. All candidates have pasts with things they are proud of and things they are not proud of just as you and I have.  Unless we get rid of all the members of Congress that have voted in lock step with the current tyrannical administration, we may never have another election to countermand the unsustainable program and plans of the current administration and it’s puppeteers.  If we fail this, we may not have the chance again for generations...... if ever!


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